Class JAWT_DrawingSurface

  extended by com.jniwrapper.Parameter
      extended by com.jniwrapper.Structure
          extended by com.jniwrapper.jawt.JAWT_DrawingSurface
All Implemented Interfaces:
AlignmentAwareParameter, CompositeParameter

public class JAWT_DrawingSurface
extends Structure

JAWT drawing surface structure. Provides functions to access a native drawing context of an AWT component.

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 java.lang.Object clone()
 void freeDrawingSurfaceInfo(Pointer pDsi)
          Frees the drawing surface information.
 void getDrawingSurfaceInfo(Pointer pDsi)
          Reads the native drawing surface information.
 int lock()
          Locks this drawing surface.
 void unlock()
          Unlocks this drawing surface.
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Method Detail


public int lock()
Locks this drawing surface. A surface should be locked before its information can be accessed. When accessing the surface is done, it should be unlocked using the unlock() method.

a bitmask with one or more of the following values:
JAWT.JAWT_LOCK_ERROR - When an error has occurred and the surface cannot be locked.
JAWT.JAWT_LOCK_CLIP_CHANGED - When the clip region has changed.
JAWT.JAWT_LOCK_BOUNDS_CHANGED - When the bounds of the surface has changed.
JAWT.JAWT_LOCK_SURFACE_CHANGED - When the surface itself has changed.


public void getDrawingSurfaceInfo(Pointer pDsi)
Reads the native drawing surface information.

pDsi - a pointer to the JAWT_DrawingSurfaceInfo structure initialized with a proper platform-dependent platformInfo structure. The passed structure will be filled with the drawing surface data.


public void freeDrawingSurfaceInfo(Pointer pDsi)
Frees the drawing surface information.

pDsi - a pointer to the JAWT_DrawingSurfaceInfo structure that was previously filled in by the getDrawingSurfaceInfo method.


public void unlock()
Unlocks this drawing surface.


public java.lang.Object clone()
clone in class Structure