Class CFIndex

  extended bycom.jniwrapper.Parameter
          extended bycom.jniwrapper.Int32
              extended bycom.jniwrapper.macosx.cocoa.mactypes.SInt32
                  extended bycom.jniwrapper.macosx.corefoundation.CFIndex
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class CFIndex
extends SInt32

An integer type used throughout Core Foundation in several programmatic roles: as an array index and for count, size, and length parameters and return values.

Core Foundation types as CFIndex all parameters and return values that might grow over time as the processor's address size changes. On architectures where pointer sizes are a different size (say, 64 bits) CFIndex might be declared to be also 64 bits, independent of the size of int. If you type your own variables that interact with Core Foundation as CFIndex, your code will have a higher degree of source compatibility in the future.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
CFIndex(int value)
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Constructor Detail


public CFIndex()


public CFIndex(int value)