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Packages that use AccessOptions
com.jniwrapper.win32.system The com.jniwrapper.win32.system package contains classes, which provide you with Java wrappers for commonly used Windows system functions and related structures and types. 

Uses of AccessOptions in com.jniwrapper.win32.system

Fields in com.jniwrapper.win32.system declared as AccessOptions
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.ACCESS_SYSTEM_SECURITY
          Provides all standard rights for the object.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.DELETE
          Provides the right to delete the object.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.GENERIC_ALL
          Provides all rights.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.GENERIC_EXECUTE
          Provides the right to execute.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.GENERIC_READ
          Provides the right to read.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.GENERIC_WRITE
          Provides the right to write.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.MAXIMUM_ALLOWED
          Provides maximum allowed access to the object.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.READ_CONTROL
          Provides the right to read object's information.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.SPECIFIC_RIGHTS_ALL
          Provides all rights specific to the object type.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.STANDARD_RIGHTS_ALL
          Provides all rights.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.STANDARD_RIGHTS_EXECUTE
          Provies the READ_CONTROL right.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.STANDARD_RIGHTS_READ
          Provides the READ_CONTROL right.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED
          Provides all rights except the synchronize right.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.STANDARD_RIGHTS_WRITE
          Provides the READ_CONTROL right.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.SYNCHRONIZE
          Provides the right to use the object for synchronization.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.WRITE_DAC
          Provides the right to modify DACL.
static AccessOptions AccessOptions.WRITE_OWNER
          Provides the right to modify owner of the object.