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Packages that use FloatParameter
com.jniwrapper The com.jniwrapper package contains classes that allow calling native functions from Java(TM) code. 

Uses of FloatParameter in com.jniwrapper

Classes in com.jniwrapper that implement FloatParameter
 class AbstractFloat
          Base class for all floating-point types.
 class DoubleFloat
          Represents double float value and type.
 class LongDouble
          Represents long double value and type.
 class SingleFloat
          Represents the float value and type.

Constructors in com.jniwrapper with parameters of type FloatParameter
DoubleFloat(FloatParameter srcVal)
          Constructs an instance with the same value as the passed object.
LongDouble(FloatParameter srcVal)
          Constructs a LongDouble object.
SingleFloat(FloatParameter srcVal)
          Constructs a SingleFloat object.