Package com.jniwrapper

The com.jniwrapper package contains classes that allow calling native functions from Java(TM) code.


Interface Summary
AlignmentAwareParameter Internal interface, required for alignment calculation
ArrayParameter Common interface for all types representing arrays.
AutoDeleteParameter This class represents resource that could be deleted automatically or manually.
CompositeParameter Marker interface that identifies type that should be marshalled as a set of bytes (Structure and Union are typical usages)
DataBuffer Basic interface to any memory location where JNIWrapper types can store their data.
FloatParameter Common interface for all floating-point types.
IntegerParameter Common interface for all integer types.
IOPerformer Parameter I/O visitor interface.
LibraryLoader Basic interface for classes that can find and load a native library.
MemoryBuffer Data source associated with an allocated native memory block.
NativeResource Interface for releasing native resources.
PointerParameter Marker interface that identifies pointer parameter.
StringParameter This is a generic interface for all parameters holding a string value.

Class Summary
AbstractFloat Base class for all floating-point types.
AnsiString Represents a zero-terminated string of an 8-bit (ANSI) character declared in C as char[n], where n is the length of the buffer.
AnsiStringArray This type is specially designed for reading/writing double zero terminated (Ansi) string arrays.
ArithmeticalPointer Pointer to a place within an allocated structure that handles reading and writing of offset pointer values.
BitField Represents a bit field for structures.
Bool Represents a bool (boolean) value and type.
Callback Callback is a superclass for all classes representing callback functions.
Char Represents the char value and type.
CharacterEncoding Enumeration of supported characters encodings.
ComplexArray Represents an array of objects.
Const Represents a read-only parameter.
DataBufferFactory Abstract base for factory classes that produce instances of appropriate DataBuffer implementation.
DefaultLibraryLoader Default implementation for LibraryLoader that realizes Singleton pattern.
DelegatingParameter Base class for all parameter types that wrap around other types.
DoubleFloat Represents double float value and type.
ExternalArrayPointer A pointer to an array returned from the native code.
ExternalStringArray This class allows reading external memory block that contains a sequence of null-terminated strings.
ExternalStringPointer This class is designed for reading externally allocated strings.
Function The Function class allows to call a specified function from a native code library.
FunctionCall This is a helper class for improving performance of a function invocation.
Int C-like int value.
Int16 Represents a 16-bit integer value and type.
Int32 Represents a 32-bit integer value and type.
Int64 Represents a 64-bit integer value and type.
Int8 Represents an 8-bit integer (byte) value and type.
IntBool This class represents four bytes boolean type.
JNIWrapperInfo This class provides information about configuration of JNIWrapper.
Library This class provides operations with a native code library.
LongDouble Represents long double value and type.
LongInt C-like long value.
NativeResourceCollector Garbage collection assistant for native resources.
OutOnly Represents a parameter that is only written by a native function.
Parameter Common parent class for all types of function parameters.
PlatformContext Provides information on platform-dependent type sizes, etc.
Pointer This class represents a pointer to object in terms of C language.
Pointer.Const Represents a pointer to constant object.
Pointer.OutOnly Represents a pointer to object with undefined initial value.
Pointer.Void Represents a void *.
PrimitiveArray Represents an array of primitive types such as array of bytes or array of integer values.
ResizingPointer A pointer to an array that can be resized (reallocated) on the native side.
ShortInt C-like short value.
SingleFloat Represents the float value and type.
Str Represents a string data that depends on Unicode support of an operating system under which the code is being executed.
StringArray Represents a string array where strings are delimited by the zero character.
Structure The class represents structures in terms of C language.
UInt C-like unsigned int value.
UInt16 Represents a 16-bit unsigned integer value and type.
UInt32 Represents a 32-bit unsigned integer value and type.
UInt64 Represents 64-bit unsigned integer type specially designed to support UINT64 native type.
UInt8 Represents an 8-bit unsigned integer value and type.
ULongInt C-like unsigned long value.
UnicodeChar Represents a Unicode character (wchar_t) for Unix platform.
UnicodeString Represents a Unicode string (wchar_t *) for Unix platform.
Union Represents a C union type.
Unused Represents a parameter which is not accessed in a native function.
UShortInt C-like unsigned short value.
WideChar Represents a Unicode character (wchar_t)
WideString Represents Unicode string (wchar_t[n]) value and type, where n is the length of the buffer..
WideStringArray This type is specially designed for reading/writing double zero terminated (Unicode) string arrays.
ZeroTerminatedString Base class for all types of zero-terminated strings.

Exception Summary
FunctionExecutionException This exception is thrown if an error occurs during a native function call.
JNIWrapperException Is made for compatibility with JDK 1.3.x
LibraryNotFoundException This exception is thrown when a native library cannot be loaded.
LibraryVersionMismatchException This exception is thrown when there is a native library but it is not compatible with
the current JNIWrapper version.
MemoryAccessViolationException This exception is thrown when a native library code attempts to reference an invalid memory location.
NoSuchFunctionException Indicates that a requested native function was not found in the specified library.
NoSuchVariableException Indicates that a requested native function was not found in the specified library.

Package com.jniwrapper Description

The com.jniwrapper package contains classes that allow calling native functions from Java(TM) code.

Calling native functions is quite simple if you follow these steps: