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Packages that use StringParameter
com.jniwrapper The com.jniwrapper package contains classes that allow calling native functions from Java(TM) code. 

Uses of StringParameter in com.jniwrapper

Classes in com.jniwrapper that implement StringParameter
 class AnsiString
          Represents a zero-terminated string of an 8-bit (ANSI) character declared in C as char[n], where n is the length of the buffer.
 class Str
          Represents a string data that depends on Unicode support of an operating system under which the code is being executed.
 class UnicodeString
          Represents a Unicode string (wchar_t *) for Unix platform.
 class WideString
          Represents Unicode string (wchar_t[n]) value and type, where n is the length of the buffer..
 class ZeroTerminatedString
          Base class for all types of zero-terminated strings.