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Packages that use EnumItem
com.jniwrapper The com.jniwrapper package contains classes that allow calling native functions from Java(TM) code. 
com.jniwrapper.util The com.jniwrapper.util package contains helper and utility classes, such as Logger, AppletHelper, StreamUtils etc. 

Uses of EnumItem in com.jniwrapper

Subclasses of EnumItem in com.jniwrapper
 class CharacterEncoding
          Enumeration of supported characters encodings.

Uses of EnumItem in com.jniwrapper.util

Methods in com.jniwrapper.util that return EnumItem
static EnumItem Enums.getItem(java.lang.Class enumerationClass, int value)
          Looks up an enumeration item for the specified value and returns an element that corresponds to the passed value.

Methods in com.jniwrapper.util with parameters of type EnumItem
 boolean EnumItem.isOneOf(EnumItem[] items)