Class WinFunctionCache

  extended by com.jniwrapper.util.FunctionCache
      extended by com.jniwrapper.win32.WinFunctionCache
Direct Known Subclasses:
AdvApi32, ComDlg32, Gdi32, Kernel32, Msimg32, Psapi, Shell32, User32

public class WinFunctionCache
extends com.jniwrapper.util.FunctionCache

This class provides functionality for selecting appropriate function instance between ANSI and Unicode analogs available in Win32 API depending on the configuration of the cache.

In addition, this class is a factory for string parameters, which are created also according to whether Unicode or ANSI functions should be used.

Constructor Summary
WinFunctionCache(com.jniwrapper.Library library)
WinFunctionCache(java.lang.String libraryName)
Method Summary
 boolean isUnicode()
 void setUnicode(boolean unicode)
          Instructs the cache to use Unicode or ANSI functions and parameter types.
protected  void setupEncoding()
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Constructor Detail


public WinFunctionCache(java.lang.String libraryName)


public WinFunctionCache(com.jniwrapper.Library library)
Method Detail


protected void setupEncoding()


public boolean isUnicode()


public void setUnicode(boolean unicode)
Instructs the cache to use Unicode or ANSI functions and parameter types.

unicode - if true, Unicode names and types will be used; otherwise ANSI.