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Packages that use DdeItem
com.jniwrapper.win32.dde The com.jniwrapper.win32.dde package contains classes, which allows you to interact with native applications via DDE technology. 

Uses of DdeItem in com.jniwrapper.win32.dde

Methods in com.jniwrapper.win32.dde with parameters of type DdeItem
 byte[] DdeServiceEventHandler.adviseRequest(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
          Occurs when the value of the item has been changed and it is necessary to notify clients.
 byte[] DdeServiceEventAdapter.adviseRequest(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
 boolean DdeServiceEventHandler.adviseStart(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
          Occurs when a client begins an advise loop.
 boolean DdeServiceEventAdapter.adviseStart(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
 void DdeServiceEventHandler.adviseStop(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
          Occurs when a client stops an advise loop.
 void DdeServiceEventAdapter.adviseStop(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
 void DdeClientEventHandler.asyncActionComplete(DdeItem item, byte[] data, long transactionID)
          Occurs when an asynchronous transaction is processed by the service.
 void DdeClientEventAdapter.asyncActionComplete(DdeItem item, byte[] data, long transactionID)
 byte[] DdeClient.get(DdeItem item, long timeout)
          Makes a synchronous request to the service for data that corresponds to the specified item.
 long DdeClient.getAsync(DdeItem item)
          Makes an asynchronous request to the service for data that corresponds to the specified item.
 DdeResponse DdeClientEventHandler.itemChanged(DdeItem item, byte[] data)
          Occurs when data of the item is changed.
 DdeResponse DdeClientEventAdapter.itemChanged(DdeItem item, byte[] data)
 DdeResponse DdeServiceEventHandler.pokeData(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item, byte[] data)
          Occurs when a client sends data to the service.
 DdeResponse DdeServiceEventAdapter.pokeData(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item, byte[] data)
 byte[] DdeServiceEventHandler.requestData(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
          Occurs when a client makes a request for data.
 byte[] DdeServiceEventAdapter.requestData(java.lang.String topic, DdeItem item)
 void DdeClient.send(DdeItem item, byte[] data, long timeout)
          Sends data to the service and waits for a confirmation response.
 long DdeClient.sendAsync(DdeItem item, byte[] data)
          Asynchronously sends data to the service.
 void DdeClient.startAdviseLoop(DdeItem item, boolean sendData, boolean sync, long timeout)
          Begins an advise loop and waits for confirmation response from the service.
 long DdeClient.startAdviseLoopAsync(DdeItem item, boolean sendData, boolean sync)
          Asynchronously begins an advise loop.
 void DdeClient.stopAdviseLoop(DdeItem item, long timeout)
          Stops an advise loop and waits for a confirmation response from the service.
 long DdeClient.stopAdviseLoopAsync(DdeItem item)
          Asynchronously stops an advise loop.